Forma de Marcar

It is important to remember that the way of dialing without long distance for fixed telephony in each region becomes effective gradually from the date indicated in the implementation calendar. 

* It should be noted that the way of dialing is not modified for calls made from a cell phone to landlines or to other cell phones.

* In addition, it is reported that the national automatic reverse service is not considered as a local call.

Considerations for changes in number dialing

1. The way to dial from landlines in the Metropolitan Region will be with 9 digits to all destinations, landline, mobile and voip, starting on Saturday, August 9.

2. Dialing from cell phones remains the same, it will have no variation. Therefore you should not change the phonebook of your phone.

3. Companies with a telephone exchange (PABX) should take care to adapt them, if necessary, to the new form of 9-digit dialing. In addition, it should be considered that the outgoing calls to cell phones will no longer include the prefix of zero. This in the case of blockages to those destinations.

4. The way of dialing international calls is NOT modified. Carrier and destination codes continue to be used, as is currently done.